Bassett 15x10 ultra light wide-five wheelRotating, unsprung weight is the most critical weight in a late model stock race car. Lighter wheels offer an immediate bolt-on performance advantage by lowering the moment of inertia, which boosts horsepower and improves handling. This is why Bassett created the lightest 15x10 wide-five wheel on the market - only 16 lbs!

What's the secret to Bassett's Wide-Five wheel superiority? We use a unique wave pattern welding technique and special HSLA steel for a flatter, stronger ring center. Plus, we use our patented Cornering Fatigue Testing Apparatus. It allows us to test new designs and know they'll work BEFORE the wheel hits the track. It's the reason why a Bassett Wide-Five wheel will last 3 times longer than any other wide-five wheel on the market - even those weighing pounds more!

NOTE: For easier tire mounting, these wheels do not have a tire safety bead.

Matt Kenseth wins the 2016 Slinger Speedway Nationals Feature using Bassett 15x10 Wide-Five Ultra-Light Wheels.
Matt Bowling wins the 2016 NASCAR Whelen All American Series National Championship using Bassett 15x10 Wide-Five Ultra-Light Wheels.

Wheel Size Bolt Patterns Back Spacing Weight Available Finish Price
15 x 10
4", 4.5", 5", 5.5", 6", 6.5"
16 lbs.
Black, Silver