Bassett Racing Wheels are built entirely in the USA from the finest domestically-sourced materials by skilled craftsmen and feature patented technology to give you a competitive advantage. Don't let another win escape you. Bolt-on a set of high performance Bassett Racing Wheels and discover the difference for yourself! 
15x8 IMCA Inertia Advantage & Beadlock Wheels
15x8 D-Hole 19 lb & Beadlock Wheels (IMCA/Wissota)
15x8 WISSOTA ARMOR EDGE and Beadlock Wheels
15x8 Excel Wheel (IMCA/Wissota)
15x10 Inertia Advantage Wheel
15x10 Wide Five Ultra Light Wheel
15" D-Hole Lightweight Wheels
15" ARMOR EDGE Wide Five Wheels
15" D-Hole Lightweight Beadlock Wheels
15" Wide Five Beadlock Wheels
14" D-Hole Lightweight Wheels
13" Inertia Advantage Wheels
15x9.5 SFI 35.2 NASCAR / ARCA 15" DOT & 4X4 Wheels (15x7 / 15x8)